Thong Sia Exclusive : The ever-charming Sea Grape, in Limited Edition only for 1,800 pcs


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The SEIKO PROSPEX is a watch series dedicated to professional athletes and adventurers, with the diving watch holding a special place among the diving industry. Since the development of the first Japanese-made waterproof 150m diving watch in 1965, SEIKO has continued to innovate and improve the performance of the watch, and the result is unanimously praised. This year, SEIKO is launching the sale of the PROSPEX limited edition dive watch exclusive to areas of Thong Sia Watch Company. With its emerald green akin to the “Sea Grapes”, one can easily can a whiff of the ocean just by wearing the timepiece. The new watch is only limited to 1,800 pieces, and is exclusively sold in Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore by the Thong Sia Watch Company Group.


The history of the SEIKO diving watch has been storied since its inception. There are many classic styles and many excellent designs that are still in use today. The “abalone” case used in the latest PROSPEX SRPD45K1 professional diving watch is virtually one of the most symbolic of SEIKO. The case of PROSPEX SRPD45K1 is shaped a wine barrel with a thick round bezel with studs on the side. The lines of the lugs are round and strong, and when observed from the side, it resembles that of an abalone, hence the nickname. The new limited edition comes with a black stainless steel case with a diameter of 45 mm. The black single rotating bezel is printed with a minute scale, with the first 20 minutes being bright yellow, hence creating a strong colour contrast. The watch is equipped with a screw-in crown and a back, plus a tempered glass surface allowing the watch to dive 200 meters, which is more than enough for deep sea activities. The green snake-belt silicone strap is not only durable and comfortable, but also increases the movement elasticity of the strap, so that the watch fits perfectly on the wrist, allowing the wearer to enjoy the deep blue.


The surface of the PROSPEX SRPD45K1 professional diving watch is dominated in green, reminiscent of the Okinawa's specialty "Sea Grape" and conjuring a sense of the refreshing ocean. The inner shadow circle is decorated with an hour mark, which is set against a giant scale. The watch is also equipped with a large-shaped hand to clearly show the time. The minute hand is specially replaced with an arrowhead design with a yellow sideline that separates from the black hour hand, which echoes with the yellow scale on the bezel, ensuring that the diving watch functional and readable even in the dark underwater environment. The 3 o'clock position has a practical date and day display and a magnified window. The watch is driven by a stable, accurate and reliable 4R36 movement, providing reliable timekeeping functions both above and under water


The new PROSPEX SRPD45K1 professional diving watch is now available in SEIKO Boutiques, City Chain, special authorized dealers in Malaysia.



Brand new PROSPEX SRPD45K1 professional diving watch


SRPD45K1 (limited to 1,800 pieces)

Specifications and features


-          Caliber 4R36

-          Screw down crown and case back

-          Reinforced glass

-          Snake belly-style silicone band

-          200m Scuba Diver

-          Luminous pointers and hour markers

-          Date and day display

-          Diameter: 45 mm

Date of sale

June 2019

Point of sale

SEIKO Boutiques, City Chain, Authorized Dealers in Malaysia