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LUKIA, a watch brand under the Seiko Watch Group, combines fashion and function by using ingenuity to interpret the elegance of modern women. This year, LUKIA is privileged to have Japanese superstar Ayase Haruka shooting advertisements for the new women’s watch series as the brand spokesperson. In the advertisement, she dons an elegant dress whilst wearing the new LUKIA women's mechanical watch and chronograph watch, perfectly showcasing the charming confidence of the modern women. The two new women's watch collections boast a sophisticated mechanical watch, and a practical and stylish chronograph, both available in a variety of models.


Feel the mechanical pulsation with the hollow surface

The new LUKIA women's mechanical watch is exquisitely designed, perfectly combining mechanical designs with feminine styles. The SSA794J1 collection features a rose gold case and strap with a white surface for the ultimate elegant look.


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The SSA794J1 collection is akin to a lady whose beauty knows no bounds. A density minute scale is added to the outer white surface, with the coloured interval set every five minutes. The rose gold hour scale is composed of long nails and Roman numerals, whereas the sword-shaped pointer provides a clear display of the minutes and seconds, allowing women to master every important moment. On the basis of telling time in a clear manner, the watch is also decorated with beautiful embellishments, including double-decorated rings that set off the hour scales; artistic strokes on the numerals, as well as a rounded outer case, which highlights the beauty of women both inside and out. The 9th-hour round window is especially striking, as it allows the wearer to see into the escapement of the 4R38 self-winding mechanical movement below. With the balance wheel swings before our eyes, it allows the wearer to feel the heartbeat of mechanical watches, blending it perfectly to the wearer’s very own.


There are three style choices for the women's mechanical watches. In addition to the rose gold SSA794J1, the SSA797J1 stainless steel model is equipped with a white surface and is decorated with a red scale, lightening up life with its comfortable hues. The SSA796J1 model on the other hand is a two-coloured design made with stainless steel, which features a fascinating rose gold bezel and a pink watch surface. Three watches; three styles, all boasting the same delicate characteristics.


Multiple styles showing feminine charms

In addition to mechanical watches, LUKIA's new women's watch collection also feature practical timepieces including a selection of women's chronograph watches. The chronograph is driven by a 7T12 movement, and is equipped with a small three-needle, date, 24-hour display and timing functions. The timing accuracy is 1/5 seconds and the maximum can be accumulated to 60 minutes, which is more than enough for daily uses.


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The new LUKIA Chronograph is available in up to 9 models; whether you’re introverted, active or stylish, there will be one model that’s perfect for you. The two-coloured design of the SRWZ70P1 series symbolizes modern women with rich connotations. It is made of stainless steel case with rose gold bezel, showcasing the combination of strength and gentleness. The rose gold surface layout and details are also brilliantly thoughtful. The hour hands are displayed in rose gold bar scales, whereas the 4, 8 and 12 o'clock positions are specially replaced with Roman numerals. The artistic brush strokes are fashionable, and pairs wonderfully with the inverted triangles. The ratio of the designs is aligned perfectly, which highlights the essence of LUKIA aesthetics.

The all-black design of the SRWZ67P1 series stands out in a unique colour scheme. Its case, surface and strap are all in black, which gives off a mysterious cool trait. It is also equipped with white hands and scales to ensure a clear display of time.

In addition to the white surface of the SRWZ77P1 series, the stainless steel version is also available in red with the SRWZ73P1 series and in blue with the SRWZ75P1 series, all to satisfy women's love of colour. The SRWZ66P1 series is equipped with a rose gold case, perfect choice for ladies who adore this design. In addition, the series has also introduced the SRWZ65P1 sparkling rock collection, which is a stainless steel watch with an embossed blue surface, 12-hour scale with amethyst embellishment, paired with blue hands. The new LUKIA chronograph series features a variety of models that are easy to wear and available for any occasion.

Durable and free of restrictions

In addition to mechanical watches and quartz chronographs, LUKIA's new range of collection also provides a solar-powered movement. As long as there’s light, the watch can continue to operate and is no longer bound by power storage.

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The new SUT390J1 has a built-in V147 solar movement that provides time and date display. The stainless steel case is lined with a rose gold bezel and the strap is also a two-tone design that adds a touch of softness to the tough shape. The surface design is simple and clear, whereas the white surface is set against the rose gold scale and the pointer, adding contrast to make telling time easier and clearer. In addition, the series also has a stainless steel case with a SUT389J1 series on a pink surface and a SUT387J1 series on a white surface. This watch is definitely a great companion for women who enjoy living the happy life.


Whether you choose a mechanical or chronograph function, or even a solar-powered movement, the case and strap of the new LUKIA women's watches are all made of solid stainless steel with scratch-resistant sapphire crystals to protect the surface. The strap uses a triple folding button switch clasp for easy use without sacrificing stability. The watch is also 100 meters waterproof, therefore it’s safe even when it comes in contact with water. It’s perfect for ladies to showcase their personality in any occasions.



Seiko Watch LUKIA 2019 Women’s watch





Specifications and features

-       7T12 quartz movement

-       Chronograph up to 60 mins in 1/5 sec increments

-       Stainless steel case and bracelet

-       Three-fold clasp with push button release

-       Sapphire crystal glass

-       Date display

-       Water resistance: 100m


-       4R38 movement

-       Automatic mechanical winding movement (can be manually wound)

-       Approximately 41 hours of power reserve

-       Stainless steel case and bracelet

-       Three-fold clasp with push button release

-       Sapphire crystal glass

-       Water resistance: 100m


-       V147 solar movement

-       Stainless steel case and bracelet

-       Triple folding button switch buckle

-       Sapphire crystal glass

-       Date display

-       Water resistance: 100m


Date of Sale

July 2019

Point of Sale

SEIKO Boutiques, City Chain and Authorized dealers in Malaysia